Junior and Intermediate Sections

Monday 2 October 2017

Entry Fee

Junior Section $30

Intermediate Section $45

Junior Section

 Michael Dyer First Prize: $500

 Organ Music Society of Sydney Encouragement Award: $200

 The Ron Roberts Prize: $100 - This award is for the best performance of a baroque work and will be awarded to entrants aged 12 and under.

The junior section is open to organists fifteen years of age or younger at the closing date.

The repertoire required is a balanced programme comprising two contrasting pieces or movements (one baroque) with a total playing time not exceeding ten minutes.

Intermediate Section

 Friends of the Sydney Town Hall First Prize: $1,500

 Doris and George Vern-Barnett Prize: $500

The Intermediate section is open to organists eighteen years of age or younger at the closing date. The repertoire required is a balanced programme comprising two contrasting pieces or movements (one by J. S. Bach) with a total playing time not exceeding twenty minutes.


Junior and Intermediate : Tom Bell

The Closing Date is Friday 1 September 2017

All information described in “How to apply” must all be received by the closing date.


Junior Section: St Aloysius College Chapel, Milson’s Point

Intermediate Section: Shore Chapel, North Sydney

Audience Admission Entry Fee

All adults, including parents of students entering the competition: $10

Students and children are free.

Conditions of Entry

General Information

The Competition is administered by the Committee of the Organ Music Society of Sydney Incorporated.  The Committee reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Entry as it deems necessary.

The order of performance will be decided by draw conducted by the Committee.

Copies of all music must be made available to the Committee preferably at the time of warm-up but no later than thirty minutes prior to the commencement of the competition. Responsibility for obtaining the necessary permission to copy music rests with the competitor. Please collect your copies after the competition.

A competitor whose performance exceeds the time limit will be disqualified.

The competitor may not enter if they have been a student of the adjudicator since 1st January 2017.  Competitors who will be participating in any special tutorials presented by tutors chosen by the Society in the week preceding the competition are exempted from this restriction.

Any malfunction of the competition organ believed by the competitor to occur during the competition must be reported at that time to the Committee.

The Committee on the advice of the adjudicator reserves the right not to award any or all prizes. The decision of the adjudicator is final.

The use in any form of cameras, camera phones, mobile phones, video cameras, sound recorders and the like during the competition is prohibited.  

Any instructions given by the Committee must be strictly observed.

Rehearsal and warm-ups

 Juniors: One hour and a warm up time of 10 minutes.

 Intermediate: Two hours and a warm up time of 15 minutes.

 Generally, rehearsals are organized through your teacher, as teachers with more than one competitor usually prefer to have competitors scheduled together.   It is the competitor and teacher’s responsibility that the amount of time allowed for rehearsal is not exceeded.  In the case of competitors having no teacher present, the Committee will allocate a person to be present.

In the weeks that rehearsals are scheduled, competitors may not rehearse on the organ at any other than their allocated time.  Under no circumstances should a competitor, during or before this period, contact the school or church authorities in order to gain access to the organ.  The only exception is if a competitor happens to already regularly practise on the organ and we ask that you make the Committee aware of this situation.

Console Assistant

Competitors need to demonstrate that they are able to perform as independently as possible.  While it is accepted international practice to use a console assistant, the adjudicators will assess the extent to which excessive assistance has advantaged the competitor over other performers.  Competitors may have one console assistant (preferably not their teacher) and are encouraged to bring their own.   Any competitor unable to bring his/her own console assistant may request one to be arranged by the Committee.  Entrants would be advised to rehearse with them.

Fine Music 102.5 Broadcasts

The performances in the competitions may be recorded and given to Fine Music to be broadcast.  By entering each competitor gives permission to OMSS to use the biographical details and the photograph supplied with the entry for publicity in our Sydney Organ Journal and for other related purposes, including Fine Music for their broadcasts and magazine.  Performers will be unable to claim any rights or royalties.

How to Apply

By making a payment, the Committee understands that you have agreed to abide by the Conditions of Entry as provided on the OMSS website www.omss.org.au

Please note that payment and all relevant information must be received by the 1st September 2017.

Make your payment

Junior Section $30

Intermediate Section $45

Go to www.trybooking.com/PGXR.  Please note this fee is in AUD and is non-refundable.

Submit Application Form, Biography and Photo

Please send the following details in one email to godelieve@omss.org.au

 State your name and Section/s

 Scanned Application Form (300DPI full size image) Please ensure your scan is readable.

 Submit a brief biography (Word Doc only) of not more than 200 words.

 Submit a high-resolution .jpeg portrait photo

Your application will be acknowledged by email by the Wednesday 13 September 2017.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement please contact Godelieve 0404 837 363 as soon as possible.


If you have any further questions please contact Godelieve Ghavalas (Competition Committee Chair) godelieve@omss.org.au or 0404 837 363

Thank you for entering and we wish you all the very best

with the competition.


1. Once entries have been received, the organisers may subdivide this section into two sections with Section B being for ages 12 and under.

2. A competitor may only enter the Junior or Intermediate Section, not both.