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Sydney Organ Competition

Conditions of Entry - Open Section

General Information

The Competition is administered by the Committee of the Organ Music Society of Sydney Incorporated.  The Committee reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Entry as it deems necessary.

The order of performance will be decided by draw conducted by the Committee.

Copies of all music must be made available to the Committee at the rehearsal on the day of the competition. Responsibility for obtaining the necessary permission to copy music rests with the competitor.  Original music will be returned to the competitor.

A competitor whose performance does not fall within the time limit will be disqualified. We strongly suggest that you have a safety net of at least three minutes. We feel that playing within a time constraint is good practice as it will be a necessary part of your performances in your future careers.

Any malfunction of the Competition organ believed by the competitor to occur during the Competition, must be reported at that time to the Committee.

The use in any form of cameras, camera phones, mobile phones, video cameras, sound recorders and the like during the competition is prohibited.

Any instructions given by the Committee must be strictly observed.

Adjudicators - Teachers and Competitors

The competitor may not enter if he/she has been a student of the Adjudicator since 1 January, 2022.  

Rehearsal and Warm-ups

Each finalist will receive two hours’ rehearsal time on the Competition instrument in the week prior to the Competition and 2.5 hours on the day of the Competition, which includes the warm-up.  It is the competitor’s and teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the amount of time allowed for rehearsal is not exceeded. In the case of competitors having no teacher present, the Committee will allocate someone to be present.

Note: The time may be altered slightly depending on confirmation from the venue.  The total time given will be 4.5hrs.

In the weeks during which rehearsals are scheduled, competitors may not rehearse on the organ at any other time than their allocated time. Under no circumstances should a competitor during or before this period contact the venue authorities to gain further access to the organ. The only exception would be if a competitor already practises on the organ. Competitors are requested to bring this situation to the attention of the Committee on entry to the Competition.

Console Assistant

Competitors need to demonstrate that they are able to perform as independently as possible. While it is accepted international practice to use a console assistant, the adjudicators will assess the extent to which excessive assistance has advantaged the competitor over other performers.  Competitors may have one console assistant (not their teacher) only and they are encouraged to organise their own, especially if living locally.   A request for a console assistant to be organized by the Committee must be noted on the application email. Competitors are advised to rehearse with their console assistant.

Open Section Adjudication

The decision of the Adjudicators is final.  The Committee, on the advice of the Adjudicators, reserves the right not to award any or all prizes.  The Adjudicators will take into consideration whether the programme is well balanced and varied.  


The performances may be recorded by OMSS.  By entering, each competitor gives permission to OMSS to use the biographical details and the photograph supplied with the entry for publicity in our Sydney Organ Journal and for other related purposes.  Performers will not be permitted to claim any rights or royalties. If recorded, performers will be offered a link of their performance.

How to Apply

As the first round is strictly anonymous, please address all enquiries as well as your application as detailed below, to godelieve@notjustnotes.com.au

Competitors will receive a confirmation by email with an identification number.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement within seven (7) days, please contact Godelieve by email or call 0404 837 363 as soon as possible.

Please note that all the information (Competitor’s details, recordings, declarations and payment) has the same closing date of Saturday 30 July 2022.

We suggest that you send all the necessary information by email in the week prior to the closing date.

Please list details in a  .docx file:

1.   State your full name and birthdate.  You may be asked to present a copy of your birth certificate, driver’s licence or passport to verify your age.

2.   State your full residential address, including Post Code, State and Country.

3.   Your contact details - mobile phone and email.

4.   Your teacher’s name and contact details - mobile phone and email.

5.   List your repertoire for Round One.  Please ensure you give full details of your pieces: composer’s full name, dates, date of composition if applicable, movement and opus numbers.

6.   List your repertoire for Round Two in the order you intend to perform the pieces. Once again, please ensure you give full details of your pieces.

7.   Do you require a console assistant?

8.   A short biography (about 200 words).

9.   Please attach a high-resolution .jpeg portrait photo.

10.  Please scan the completed Declaration Form confirming that the recording was made by the applicant in his/her presence at the stated location in 2022 and that it is a true and unedited recording of the performance. Breaks between pieces are permitted.

11.  Attach your Round One recording Dropbox audio link (probably three files, one for each piece).  Right-click on your file, choose Copy Dropbox Link, and paste/link to your email. So that we can send recordings easily to adjudicators, we ask that you save your recording as either a mp3, .wav or .aiff  file to Dropbox. Please note that .wav or .aiff files are preferred as they are of higher audio quality.

Make your payment of AUD $125 and email receipt

By making your payment, the Committee understands that the competitor has agreed to abide by the Conditions of Entry as provided on the competition website.  The fee is non-refundable.


BSB: 032-086

Account No: 373962

Account Name: The Organ Music Society of Sydney Inc

Please state OPEN along with your identification number as your payment reference.

If you wish to purchase audience tickets, please do so here https://www.trybooking.com/BYTWV

Thank you for entering.

We wish you all the very best with the competition!